Friday, February 1, 2013

The MTGO beta kind of sucks for commander.

Okay, problem #1. The new client has this great new feature for finding games. It lets you pick your options and then hit "Next game." Then it drops you right into the first available game that matches your specifications, or if there isn't one, it creates one. Except you can't do this with commander because it doesn't work. There's no checkbox for multiplayer. You can't stop it assigning you into 1v1 games.

So that sucks.

Then you get in-game and it looks like this:

Let's count some of the things that are wrong here:
  • Being able to collapse other players' play areas after they leave the game is great, but why on earth would they start collapsed? So that you know it's possible to collapse them? It's not worth the extra clicks if you could just auto-collapse them when they lose.
  • Why are our commanders on the battlefield? What happened? Do I not have to cast them now? Do I just start with them in play? Should I be building an Ulamog deck? Oh, no, that's just where the command zone is now. Floating on the battlefield. For some reason. I guess because we're not supposed to be able to tell whether or not they're in play? It's dumb.
  • When I expand the other players, they each get a teeny tiny little rectangle, and only if I minimize their graveyard areas. So it only takes a little over half a dozen permanents before all their stuff is shrunk to unreadably tiny blobs. I, on the other hand, have the entire bottom half of the screen. This is not a terribly efficient use of space.
 It's messed up, basically. Far worse than the current client.

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