Tuesday, February 5, 2013


He had forgotten his umbrella.

Hunched over and shivering, he trudged through the rain

His cap was most exposed
It was first to soak through 
His jeans were next
The sky drew dark blotches on the thighs

Each step, his sneakers kicked droplets of rain into the air
Each footfall left a splash
The water wriggled through the shoes
Until he could feel in every stride
That gentle squish-squash of wet socks

It was a long mile.

He arrived at his doorstep
He unlocked the door and stepped inside
He hung up his wet hat and his wet coat
He kicked off his wet shoes
He tugged off his wet socks
He pulled off  his wet t-shirt
He stripped to his underwear
He toweled the sogginess away

In fresh, dry clothes, he curled up in a blanket
And dreamed of sunshine.

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