Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Facebook diving

I don't see why people don't like the new Facebook timeline. I think it's cool being able to see all my old posts from way back when.

I agree with my past self. What's the deal with this? Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages and Seasons, none of them had the big overworld gimmick. Everything was densely packed into a big map of awesome gameplay.

Wow. My past self is brilliant. That explains the whole thing! Bill Murray must be time-anchored like Cassie from Animorphs, so when somebody else gets time-looped, he goes along for the ride. I bet it was that kid from those Todd Strasser books who kept switching bodies with people all the time.

I really wanted to go, but I was out of town and couldn't make it. I made up for it later by going to a FNM draft and 3-0'ing the pod with infinite removal.dec.

Burn! Seriously though, I thought I'd read Glenn Beck's book since I liked O'Reilly's, and they're pretty similar, right? Nah, turns out Glenn Beck is a crappy writer. I couldn't get through it.

This one was pretty disappointing even though there was nothing really at stake. We had a rock-solid defense and half the jury didn't even vote. I even wore nice pants. Totally a letdown.

One of the age-old pastimes of high school is drawing on the board before class when the teacher is late. This is a particularly epic group effort from several of us who were sitting on this side of the room; someone snapped a photo and tagged me in it. I think I did the Weedle, Pikachu, Magnemite, and Eevee.

Ahahaha, that one still gets a laugh out of me. Look out, walls! Venit Nex Parietis!

Oh no, there's no link! What was I correcting? Damn, now I have to know! I can't remember!

Three years and counting. Antics have yet to occur. Will report when they do.

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