Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#MayaelFTW returns

Time for another round with the #MayaelFTW deck.

Balefire Dragon is taking the place of Vagrant Plowbeasts. With Spearbreaker, Avacyn, and Deathless Angel already protecting my guys more effectively, Plowbeast has become less useful. Balefire Dragon is a card I've been meaning to try out since Innistrad, but never got around to. It seems pretty strong. I don't have much in the way of Loxodon Warhammer sorts of things to buff it, so it might not be superlative, but even without support, the ability should be good on its own.

I took out Akroma, Angel of Fury for Utvara Hellkite. Akroma has been consistently so-so. She's decent against decks she has protection from, but even in those matchups, she's not exactly winning games singlehandedly as a Shivan Dragon variant. She's been on the bottom of the pecking order for a while, and I don't feel too bad cutting her. Utvara Hellkite is a card that--as I may have mentioned in my RTR set review--interests me. I think it's worth testing. And hey, I even added another dragon. (Dragon count: 4)

Lastly, I've swapped Hellkite Charger in favor of Mana-Charged Dragon. I haven't been liking Hellkite Charger very much. Its ability is rarely useful, and the haste isn't relevant when I play it on someone else's turn, so it's been a vanilla 5/5 flyer pretty often. Mana-Charged Dragon still fills the "Mana sink for alpha strike" role, but it adds trample for free, and there's an off chance that someone else will pump it for me.

The list looks like this now. (Click to enlarge.)

Then I played a few games for testing and never saw any of the new cards, so meh.

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