Friday, November 2, 2012

Scheduling considerations!

Well, I double-checked, and my pass time for registration is in a week. So I've been looking through the classes I want to take in the winter.

It's a different experience this time, because for the past two years, I hadn't really settled on a major. But now, I'm firmly settled into English (Creative Writing emphasis), with a minor in Writing. Additionally, I've gotten all my GE breadth units are locked up, and I have upper division standing. Consequently, instead of browsing the entire catalog looking for areas that interest me, I get to peruse a list of requirements for the degree I want and pick from a much smaller selection of courses that fulfill those requirements.

I'm looking at ENL 110B, which is a required course about literary and critical theory. I definitely have to take it, but I may or may not end up taking it this quarter, depending on how the rest of my schedule works out.

I've got a lot of historical literature requirements to fill, so I thought I might start with Shakespeare (ENL 117). That'll conflict with Chorus rehearsal, though, so I can't take it this quarter. I'll have to wait for it to be offered at a different time slot. Good chance I end up taking Early American Literature (ENL 142) instead. I also need one course on pre-16th century literature, and I'm hoping to fill that with Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (ENL 113B), but it won't be offered until the spring, so that'll have to wait.

I definitely want to take ENL 100F (Creative Writing: Fiction), since writing is what I'm really interested in. (The nonfiction version isn't offered this quarter, so no need to choose between them.) It requires an application, so there's a chance I don't get in...fingers crossed, though.

ENL 183, Adolescent Literature, is being offered this coming quarter. I'd really like to sign up for it. I'm not sure if it'll count toward my major, though, because I only need one course from its category, and it's in the same category as English Grammar (ENL 106), which I'm already taking this quarter. However, ENL 106 is also a requirement for the Writing minor, and I think you're only allowed to overlap one course between your major and your minor. If I use UWP 101 for the overlap, I might still be able to take ENL 183. I'm going to check with my advisor next week about this.

On the minor side of things, I'll need to take one of the "Writing in the Professions" courses. They've got Business Writing, Law, Journalism, Elementary and Secondary Education, Science, Health, Technical Writing, and User Experience Documentation. I might spring for Technical Writing (UWP 104T) or Business (104A), or maybe Education (104D), I dunno. My current instructor for UWP 101 also teaches 104T; I might be dropping by his office hours anyway to get some feedback on my essay, so I s'pose I could ask him about the other class too.

So if I take four classes, that'll be 16 units, plus Chorus makes 18. If I took all three of ENL 100F, 142, and 183, that might be awkward, though -- my Tuesdays and Thursdays would be a solid 4.5-hour block of classes from 10:30 to 3:00, with another two hours of Chorus rehearsal from 4-6. Missing breakfast and lunch two days a week seems rough. If I were to swap 142 for 110B (which is a MWF class), I'd have a break at noon to get something to eat.

Oh! I guess I also have to finish the ENL 10 series with 10C. I should probably do that. If I take the first section, I'll still have 6.5 hours of TR classes, but they'll be spread out better to give me a lunch break. Yeah, that's got to be the correct play.

The Freshman Seminar I took last spring is also being offered again this quarter, Wednesdays at 2:10. I can't get credit for it twice, but there's a good chance I decide to audit.

So yeah! I'm definitely moving along.

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