Saturday, November 17, 2012


The zombie exploits continue. I shambled together some more games. A few rounds of 2HG, and some 1v1 during the downtime in between.

You know what's sweet? Brains. Zombies should eat brains. But Undead Alchemist is the only zombie that actually eats brains. Luckily, Undead Alchemist is also heaps of fun to play with.

Unluckily, Endless Ranks of the Dead is underperforming. It's still ghoulishly difficult to get it going, and even when it works, it tends to be win-more. Really, I didn't expect much more, but it's still disappointing.

Even more disappointingly, I've never even been able to cast Army of the Damned. I'm thinking I might need to add in a bit more of the ol' Twisted Abomination + Lord of the Undead combo if I want to get anywhere on that front.

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