Friday, November 30, 2012

The Humble THQ Bundle

This is a surprise. The Humble Indie Bundle, but with big-budget, decidedly non-indie titles? Interesting, interesting.

I really don't know what to expect from these games. The trailers are worthless, since they're purely cinematic. I hate that.

See any gameplay there? I don't see any gameplay there. What's the gameplay like? I don't know, there's no gameplay in the trailer. Hey, game-trailer-making people: put gameplay in your trailers.

But I do know a couple things. First, $1 for all these games is value. Mmm, sweet, delicious value. Second, all these games are popular and/or well-reviewed. The lowest Metascore among them is, I believe, a 75. That's a pretty glowing recommendation. Third, while other indie bundles are fickle, the Humble Bundle has never let me down before. (Well, okay, maybe Catacomb Snatch, but I'm not counting that one.) They've earned a lot of goodwill in my book, and I am very comfortable putting down a dollar for anything they're offering.

So what exactly are these games, anyway? I feel like I've seen some of them on, like, Zero Punctuation or something. I know Darksiders is some kind of action game, like, I dunno, a God of War-type thing, maybe? 'Cept I never played God of War, so I'm just spitballing there. And Company of Heroes is labeled as a Real-Time Strategy, and Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter. There's also Saint's Row 3, which I didn't get because I didn't beat the average because $1 for 4 games is one thing and $4 for 1 game is another.

Hey, beats me. Value. Maybe I'll give these a spin sometime.

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