Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yep, there it is, fire cape.

The Fight Caves, as it turns out, are absurdly easy in the new combat system. I brought mage gear with an arcane spirit shield and lots of ice barrages. Crushed through the first 62 waves, got to Jad, and steamrolled him with shield abilities. First I used the one that reflects half his damage back at him, then I used the one that blocks all his damage, and I threw in the one that makes his next hit heal me instead of damage me. Ice barrage and chain shot easily lured the healers away, and I won without breaking a sweat. It was a laughably easy battle. I can't believe I even considered using an instakill dart.

If I were doing it again (and I probably will, if I get it as a slayer task), I wouldn't bother wearing a shield the whole time. I'd bring more firepower to get through the waves more quickly. I would also bring a melee weapon for the Tok-Xil and their annoyingly high magic resistance.

I suppose the Fight Kiln is next, then. And the Dominion Tower at some point--I still need to beat the Monkey Trio, the Dagannoth Mother, the Untouchable, and the Pest Queen. I don't expect them to be terribly difficult, especially with the new combat system--it's mostly a question of finding them. Oh, and obviously I need to do more dungeoneering to get me some chaotic stuff. But yeah! So far so good.

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