Thursday, November 8, 2012


So I thought I'd experiment with a 60-card deck, and I dug up 6 tix (80% of which were consumed by Zombie Apocalypse and Grave Titan, the only two mythics) to stitch together this silly little Modern zombie brew based on Undead Alchemist and Endless Ranks of the Dead, with the intent of playing it in some 2HG or something. (Because two brains are tastier than one.)

It seems I made a grave mistake, since from what I can tell, nobody plays 2HG in any formats except Standard and Classic.

But I did manage to shamble together a couple of games, and, uhhhh...meh. Endless Ranks of the Dead is pretty difficult to work with. Getting it going is hard. On the upside, if it does get going, it's a rot of fun.

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