Friday, October 19, 2012

In which I gripe about homework

Well, looks like I'll be cooped up doing homework for a while this weekend.

To kick things off, I'm working on my ENL 106 homework tonight. I have to draw phrase markers (trees) for a dozen sentences. They are long, long, meandering sentences with many adverbial clauses.
We should have been expecting something strange from Persephone, obviously, but her manner has remained cheerful yet obdurate and she is working things out under difficult circumstances.
There is no way I finish this in one night. I'll see how far I get before falling asleep and pick up from there tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I'm designating that as my "Do the reading" day. I've got hella stuff to read for both Poetry and Lit, and from the skimming I gave it, it's pretty dense. So I'll finish off the rest of those sentence trees (who knows how long that'll take), then I'll get everything read. Depending on how long it takes me, I can start on my analysis of the readings for 5P -- I have to give a presentation on one of the readings, with a slideshow and everything.

It's probably too optimistic to expect to finish all that on Saturday, especially if I want to catch some of the Pro Tour coverage, so I've allotted a couple hours to get said presentation together on Sunday, and I'm hoping I'll have been able to at least get a few notes jotted down from before to help get me started.

I've also got an essay to write for UWP 101. It's not due until the week after next, but it's a profile essay, which means I need to interview someone. And that, of course, means I need to schedule an interview with someone. Who? I don't know. Anyone interested in being interviewed?

Oh, and there's a piece for the Chorus where I'd really benefit from a little practice and review. So another thing to squeeze in. that everything? I think so.

Somewhere out there is a grad student rolling their eyes at my easy 18-unit workload.

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