Sunday, August 26, 2012

#GiselaFTW: The most recent tech

Well, okay, I've changed more than just a couple cards in the deck, but there are two big pieces of tech that I'm excited about.

First: Reckless Charge.

Reckless Charge

The way games have played out so far is I try to stall and ramp until I can drop Gisela and another huge whammy card at the same time to essentially win out of nowhere. End of turn White Sun's Zenith, untap, Gisela, you're dead. Lightning Greaves, next turn Gisela + Heartless Hidetsugu, give Hidetsugu haste, you're dead. Gisela, equip Fireshrieker, Slayers' Stronghold, you're dead. Gisela, equip Bonehoard, Armageddon, you're dead on board. You get the idea.

Reckless Charge does this really well and I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it sooner. Gisela, Reckless Charge, flashback Reckless Charge is a one-card one-shot combo.

I don't know if it's good in any other decks. I'm pretty sure it's a bomb here, though.

So now if you're reading this and you ever play against me, I guess the jig is up and you know to play around it now. Ah well. At some point I'm going to need to start playing ways to get rid of flying chump-blockers. I wonder if Whispersilk Cloak is any good.

Tech #2: Scout's Warning

Scout's Warning

A big problem with a high-impact commander is that she often dies before I can untap with her. Previously I've tried to deal with this by using Otherworldly Journey and Faith's Shield and such, protecting the creature after it's already in play. But another way is to use Winding Canyons and drop her at the end of their turn, giving them the teeniest tiniest possible window to respond.

I knew Winding Canyons was awesome, but I completely forgot that it was also an instant in Future Sight. (Incidentally, the art on Scout's Warning is not a reference to Winding Canyons; missed opportunity much?) At only one mana with a bonus cantrip, this card's hella sweet. It's also hella sweet for Mayael, too, which makes it, like, double the sweetness.

Scout's Warning is now up there with Otherworldly Journey as one of my favorite pieces of EDH Tech.

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