Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wait you can skip that part of Chemical Plant Zone?

I was browsing reddit and I saw this and it blew my mind a little bit. (source:

You remember that part in Act 2 of Chemical Plant Zone where you jump up those moving-rotating platform thingies while the liquid rises and you have to make it to the top without drowning and you always end up falling back down and the drowning music doot-doo doot-doo doot-doo doot-doo, doot-doo doot-doo doot-doo doot-doo, dada dada dada dada, dada dada dada dada, dadadadadadadada dadadadadadadada DOOP gurglegurgle? Yeah you remember.

Well it's OPTIONAL.


I know, right?

Apparently you can jump up to a higher route and go over the top of the level instead, dropping right through a secret passage and landing in front of the boss. It's right there on the map, marked with a 4.

I mean now I can do the moving platform part no sweat because I've done it a million times. But back in the day, it was a challenge. I have memories of a lot of cheap deaths in Chemical Plant Zone. I used to think playing as Knuckles and climbing up the wall was a great trick to get past it.

Oh, and remember how you could fall into the holes in the stage during the boss fight? And how even after you beat the boss, you could still fall in the holes and die on your way to the end of the level if you weren't careful? Now those were some cheap deaths there.

And Casino Night Zone, man. Were we the only ones who spent so much time playing the slot machine that we died by running out the timer? That stuff's addictive.

And that soundtrack, wow, classic. There's some good tunes there.

Okay, okay, enough reminiscing for one night.

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