Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On Avacyngeddon

So I've been thinking a bit about Avacyn, Angel of Hope (seen here finishing the Kessig Wolf Run in under 12 parsecs).

Earlier today I played a game where I had Quicksilver Amulet in play and she was the only creature in my hand, and I realized that I probably don't want to actually put her onto the battlefield. See, I figured it would be so much better value to wait and drop her in response to removal, right? But now I'm wondering if I was being crazy. So I think this is an interesting scenario.

On the one hand, I had Spearbreaker Behemoth on the board, which was already doing work for my creatures. But on the other hand, I was holding a Catastrophe, which I could have used as a one-sided Armageddon if Avacyn were in play. I am still not sure what the best line was.

I ended up playing Catastrophe on creatures to clear the board, prompting the scoops from one of the two remaining players. Then my last opponent standing played Karador into Rune-Scarred Demon to get the shenanigans going again, and with him tapped out I did the math and saw that dropping Avacyn EOT put him dead on board to Kessig Wolf Run + Mirari's Wake, so I did that and won the game on turn 12, as you can see in the screenshot.

I'm not sure if that was the optimal line, though. It's possible I should have just gunned for the Armageddon plan first chance I got. The problem was that I had just won my last game on that same plan. I don't want to win all my games with Avacyngeddon. Some of them, maybe, but not all of them.

Well, I dunno. Something to ponder.


  1. What else did you have on the board to boost it so much?!

    1. Kessig Wolf Run + Mirari's Wake + lands. We call that a combo!