Monday, July 2, 2012

More Bastion.

Kid's been trekkin' through the wilds all day. He's lookin' for shards. Used to be he was lookin' for cores, 'til he found 'em all. Now he's on the market for the next best thing.

Peckers and lunkheads try to make trouble. Kid faces 'em down, gives 'em a taste of lead. They won't be makin' trouble no more...least not today. 

Kid comes across a giant anklegator. "Queen Anne", they call 'er. She got a mighty fierce bite, and she's in his way. Kid dies a few times tryin' to take her down, but hey, nothin' he can't handle. Takes him a few tries, but he manages to wrangle her. She was the last of her kind. Guess now she's not. 

Bastion's growin' stronger every day now, what with these shards the kid's been bringin' back. Kid don't say anything 'bout it, but he got a spring in his step he ain't had in a long time. We call that hope.

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