Sunday, July 29, 2012

Three Wishes

"Okay," said Bob. "For my first wish, I would like a tuna salad sandwich, please."

"It is done," replied the djinn. And lo, a tuna salad sandwich fell from the sky, landing neatly in Bob's hands.

"Oh no!" said Bob. "You forgot the mustard! I wish for some mustard."

"It is done," the djinn replied once more. And lo, up from the ground there sprouted a jar of mustard and a knife with which to spread it.

Bob picked up the jar and twisted the lid, but no matter how he struggled, he couldn't open it. "Can you give me a hand with this?" he asked the djinn.

"Try running hot water over it," the djinn suggested.

"There's no faucet around here," said Bob. "We're in a cave in the desert."

"Oh, well." said the djinn.

"I wish for a monster truck," said Bob.

"Your wish is my command," said the djinn, bowing, then vanishing in a puff of sparks. A pair of keys jingled to the ground at Bob's feet, and a brightly-painted monster truck crashed through the wall. The djinn's lamp crumbled into dust.

"Cool," said Bob. He took a bite out of his sandwich.

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