Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Bastion

Kid's still out there searchin' for them shards. Follows a trail down to Point Lemaign. Looks like the old railway's still workin'. Infested with peckers and wallflowers...but it's workin'. Kid finds an old army carbine. He takes it. Finds the shard. Takes that too.

Colford Cauldron's his next stop. A wasteland, even before the Calamity. Kid don't stop for long here. Burns his way to the shard with his fire bellows. Picks up a pecker egg on the way. It's makin' noises. Maybe it'll hatch.

Kid makes a detour at Trigger Hill to do some carbine trainin'. Wins first prize real quick. Guess he's a natural.

Kid takes a look around. Bastion's gettin' stronger. Warm breeze ruffles his hair. He smiles.

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