Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm reading the Odyssey Cycle novels. Just started on Chainer's Torment. I gotta say, Odyssey was kinda meh. Laquatus is all like "Herp derp I are schemey scheming! I liek frogs" and Kamahl is like "Mirari plox" and Kirtar is like "Hey cool a Mirari durrr..." and Aboshan is like "zomg everyone are traitoring me blurpy durp" and Braids is like "lol noobs" and Seton is just kinda chilling with Kamahl.

I only just started Chainer's Torment but Chainer seems like a decent guy. I guess he gets tormented though. That's sad.

Laquatus is lame. He just lies and schemes and lies and schemes. Sometimes he hangs out with his gigantic anurid frog familiar. Occasionally he takes a break from lying and scheming to do some plotting or conspiring or subverting. But mostly scheming. Kind of a one-trick pony. Or one-trick seahorse as it were, hardy har.

Also, already having read Onslaught sort of spoils the ending since now I already know that Kamahl gets the Mirari and uses his new Mirari sword to kill Laquatus in a showdown in the Krosan Forest, but he ends up accidentally killing his own sister too and deciding to become a druid in repentance, and then Braids kills Seton as a sacrifice to reanimate Jeska and so Jeska turns into Phage, who kills Ixidor's fiancee and inspires him to create Akroma and take revenge and then some demigods manifest and Karona happens and it's a whole thing.

It's all sort of tragic, isn't it? I mean we're already in a recovering postapocalyptic setting, and then we up and get another apocalypse. That's a downer. Karn really needs to stop leaving artifacts of doom lying around.

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