Thursday, July 19, 2012

Binding of Isaac Top 666

6 Favorite Passive Items

6. Brimstone

I think Brimstone got nerfed at some point so that it's no longer as insane as it used to be. Still, charging and firing that giant beam of blood is awesome. It shoots through obstacles, it shoots through enemies, it hits the whole screen, and it does a ton of damage. Most importantly, it's loads of fun to use. BLORP!

Unfortunately, someone told me that its icon looks like a pierced phallus, and now I can't un-see it.

5. Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is like the Cube of Meat/Pretty Fly/Halo of Flies in that it circles around you and blocks projectiles. What's great, though, is that it orbits you faster than the others, and if you have more than one familiar of that type, they all get the increased speed. Since there's so many Horsemen and they all drop the Cube of Meat, it's pretty easy to end up with at least two shield-guys like this, and they're much better in multiples, especially with the speed boost. Any time I go to the final bosses of the Cathedral or the Chest without a projectile-blocker, I feel naked.

4. Small Rock

I wouldn't say the Small Rock is the best item around. It boosts your damage output pretty nicely at the cost of lowering your speed. That's a good effect, but not exciting. No, what's best about the Small Rock is that you never see it coming. You just blow up a rock expecting maybe a key or some soul hearts, and BANG! Out of nowhere, jackpot! You got a free item! It feels like cheating. I love it.

3. Spirit of the Night

Spectral tears are okay and flight is great, but the combination of the two is kind of absurd. With Spirit of the Night, you basically get to ignore the terrain completely. Holes? Meh, fly over them. Rocks? Meh, fly over them and shoot through them. Enemies that can't fly or shoot at you? Haha, nice try, I'll just sit on top of this rock just out of your reach and cry you to death. It's one of the best defensive abilities in the game, and if I have enough hearts to buy it at the devil room, I'll almost always snap-buy it (assuming I don't already fly).

The Dead Dove has an identical effect, but Spirit of the Night is better because a. the visual effect is way, way cooler and b. it's a Magic reference so it wins.

2. Technology

If Brimstone is awesome, Technology is like...well, also awesome. Shooting laser beams instead of tears is a lot of fun. No more worrying about pesky aiming or timing--you fire in a straight line across the whole screen, zap, just like that. It pierces enemies--bosses like the Duke of Flies can't hide behind their minions anymore, and those annoying Knights that used to be a major pain in the patella are now a joke. Unlike Brimstone, it doesn't go through obstacles, but unlike Brimstone, it doesn't require a long charge-up; in fact, it fires pretty quickly. As much as I like Brimstone, I have to admit that Technology is cooler.

There's another version of Technology that's similar: Technology 2. The v2.0 fires a weaker laser beam constantly while you continue to fire your tears. That's cool, but I like the original much better. One of the big things I like about it is that you no longer have to worry about aiming your attacks, but that's not true with v2.0--you still have to fire tears in the right direction. It takes more effort to work. Maybe I'm totally off-base here, but I think the first one is more fun to use.

1. Mom's Knife

Stab stab stab! Stabby stab! If I find Mom's Knife, it's fist-pump time. Not only does it stab through enemies and stab over walls, but it deals hella damage! Most bosses go down in just a few hits. Yeah, even the end bosses. I guess the lesson here is that stabbing enemies with a knife is orders of magnitude more effective than crying on them. You hear that, kids? Next time you feel like crying, try stabbing someone instead! (See, this game is educational!)

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