Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Binding of Isaac Top 666 (Part 2)

Top 6 Favorite Characters (Besides ???)

I don't think ??? counts as a real character. I think of him more as the "Hardcore Mode" version of Isaac. So he's not on the list. If he were on the list, he'd be between Samson and Eve.

Naturally, you have to play through with every character in order to unlock stuff, but hey, I can still have favorites.

6. Samson

Samson is my least favorite. His Bloody Lust ability just isn't very good. Well, I mean, it's not bad, since it does increase his attack power, sort of, I guess. But it certainly doesn't make up for his reduced HP and  firing rate, which are severe drawbacks. Samson is basically a worse version of Judas: Judas starts out with the same crappy HP, but he doesn't have a penalty to his fire rate, he doesn't have to work to get his attack boost, and he even has a free Book of Belial (one of the best activated items) on top of everything else.

So Samson's pretty bad.

5. Eve

Eve is hit-or-miss. If things go right, she's a powerhouse. Get an early Guppy's Paw, trade away all her hearts for soul hearts, and she'll be amazing. Maybe get a Razor Blade to keep her health low and pile soul hearts on top of that. If it works, if she can take advantage of the Whore of Babylon, then you're rolling. The problem is that you have to get lucky for her to work. If you get the wrong items, she ends up being underpowered instead. (The Dead Bird is nice to have, but on its own it's not worth the reduced stats compared to Isaac or Cain.)

That being said, if she gets going, it's fairly epic.

4. Magdalene

My opinion on Magdalene has changed over time. Initially, I thought her Yum Heart's free health restoration ability was awesome. As I got better and started taking less damage, it started to feel like dead weight. Nowadays, what I like most about Magdalene is that her big fat HP meter is perfect for making lots of deals with the devil. When I play as Magdalene, I'm mostly trying to find a Devil Room as quickly as possible. Spirit of the Night, The Mark, The Pact, Brimstone, whatever--if you think of Magdalene as starting with two life and a Devil Room item, she's actually pretty cool.

3. Judas

Playing as Judas is living on the edge. With only one heart, he's as fragile as they get, but not only does he have the highest attack power of any character, he can also double his attack with the Book of Belial. You need to be able to dodge, but the payoff is well worth it.

2. Cain

Cain only has two starting hearts and the lowest range, but his increased speed and power easily make up for the reduced HP, and let's face it, range isn't important anyway. On top of all that, his Lucky Foot is great! More winnings in the arcade, and no more worrying about negative pill effects! With other characters, you often end up cussing at the screen because you randomly got an HP Down pill, but with Cain, everything is upside, making playthroughs with him breezy and fun.

1. Isaac

When you first start playing, Isaac is pretty weak. With so-so stats and no special abilities, he's easily overshadowed by Cain and Magdalene and the rest. But once you unlock the D6 by beating the Womb with ???, he's a powerhouse. The ability to re-roll any item you don't like is game-breakingly awesome. Lemon Mishap? Mom's Pad? Holy Water? Screw 'em! Throw 'em back and get a real item instead! And that's why Isaac is the best character.

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