Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So the five colors of Magic walk into an ice cream parlor...

Red: Could I have a sample of the lemon sherbert?
White: Anyone want to share?
Black: I'll be wanting a sample of that one there.
Green: Hey guys look, they have a giant ten-scoop special!
Blue: If we each ate two scoops, that would be about 30% cheaper than ordering separately.
Green: Screw that, I can totally eat ten scoops by myself. Let's do this.
Red: Hmm, the strawberry looks good too. So does the mint chip.
Green: Just go with the one that feels right, dude. You got this.
Black: Another sample please.
White: Blue, you wanna split a sundae?
Blue: Hmm, okay, sure.
Black: I'll try that one now.
Red: Hey Green, I bet I can finish the ten-scoop special faster than you.
Green: You're on!
Blue: You're just going to get headaches, guys.
Black: Hmm, nah, lemme taste this one now.
Red: Screw you, blue!
White: There's no need to be rude.
Black: How's that butterscotch ice cream? Any good?
Blue: I think we should go with the vanilla, White. It complements both the fudge sauce and the nuts.
Green: Ten scoops of chocolate, please. Chocolate is the best flavor.
Black: Can I taste that chocolate?
Red: Give me one scoop each of chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, Oreo fudge ripple, peanut butter waffle, Neapolitan, rainbow sherbert, coffee fudge, green tea, and that "flavor of the month" thing.
White: Vanilla sundae please. And an extra spoon.
Black: I still haven't decided. Can I try that green tea ice cream?
Blue: You two can't seriously be eating ten scoops each? That's absurd.
Green: Jush waff uth! Um nom nom...
Black: Well all these flavors are great, but I'm already full. Thanks for the free ice cream, suckers.

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