Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun fact, I haven't actually slept in two days. I haven't decided if that counts as one day for my self-imposed "Post every day" rule. Actually, I'm a little disoriented in that regard. I keep forgetting whether I'm writing today's, yesterday's, tomorrow's, or the day after's, or whether writing it at 1 AM counts as tonight or as tomorrow morning. Luckily it's my thing, so I get to make the rules...whatever they are.

Speaking of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, it's that great weekly tradition of checking on the ol' clan citadel in RuneScape before the weekly build tick to make sure everything's running smoothly. I may not be actively playing the game right now, but that Fishadel is my pet, and doggone it, I am going to feed it. I've never missed a week. The place falls to pieces without me...last week I didn't double-check the day of the tick, and it turned out we were short on visitors and couldn't meet the upkeep costs. Before going to sleep tonight, I poked the clan chat and rallied the people there to go and pay a visit, and I think we're covered now. I like the place, but I do wish I didn't have to babysit like this. Oh well.

Okay, hang on, let me put on my "I'm too tired to think too hard about a topic" face. Eyelids exaggeratedly droopy, jaw just a little bit slack, and give it a touch of mumble, a dash of groan, and just a teensy pinch of grumble. Right, there it is. Tired, see? You can tell how tired I am because I've clearly forgotten that I don't need to make an excuse for anything here. If I were awake I would probably just delete this whole paragraph. God, this sounds awful and horrible and defensive and I'll scrap it all and start over in the morning. No, screw it, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight. Have a blog post.

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