Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I played some more Binding of Isaac.

I beat the Cathedral three times! Once with Judas, once with Isaac, once with Cain. Yeah!

I really hate Greed though. He always replaces the shop when I have lots of money. What an asshole! Here I am opening the shop door hoping for, like, a compass or something, and Greed comes in and is all like, "NOPE." And his little Greed-head babies are a pain in the neck too, hopping around all over the place with their stupid double shots that steal my coins. Jerks.

I also played Dungeon Defenders with Django and Miles.

I got my Series EV up to level 70, which is pretty cool I guess. It can wield the flamethrower better than my Huntress, since the Series EV can dual-wield an extra weapon with it to deal with any enemies that are immune to fire damage (which is a problem for the Huntress). I'm still not totally sure how I'm supposed to be using these lasers. Maybe I'm just supposed to stick to DPS. Eh...

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