Thursday, August 30, 2012

Indie Gala 8 and The Getaway Bundle

Ugh, so are these guys, like, running out of indie games? What's the deal with these weak bundles?

Okay, okay, maybe it's unfair of me to say these games are all crappy when I haven't played any of them. In's actually really unfair of me. Wow, listen to me, I sound like a real snob, don't I? I should post in my comment section and complain.

But honestly, there's nothing here that excited me. This new Indie Royale here. 
  • We've got a first-person shooter...IN SPACE! Yeah, it's zero-gravity, what a clever gimmick, blah blah blah, I don't want to play another first-person shooter. 
  • We've got yet another twin-stick shooter. How many Geometry Wars clones do we need? It's not exactly a deep well of gameplay innovation. And this is still just neon geometrical shapes, so I have a hard time taking it seriously.
  • We've got a point-and-click adventure. Uh...enough said.
  • We've got...a visual novel?! The hell? What's that doing there? I thought those were only played by Otaku-people and the Japanese. It's on Steam? There are visual novels on Steam? When did this happen? Well in any case, I'll pass.
  • We've got some dungeon crawler that's supposed to be charmingly retro while belonging to a genre that inspires approximately zero nostalgia.
  • We've got...whatever that wagon game is. Actually, it looks okay, but it's nothing I'd pay real money for.
 I can't fairly say these games are bad, but I will say that I am not excited in the least for any of them. I'd be willing to try them out at a more attractive price point, maybe, or, well, some of them anyway, I dunno, but they want $5-6 for this thing, which is not my idea of value.

And don't even get me started on the new Indie Gala, which is...ugh...

They don't even have Steam games. They didn't even bother to get games with Steam keys. I don't think they're even trying. In fact, I don't think they were ever really trying. Pretty much all of their bundles have been laden with chaff of some kind. They're like the anti-Humble Bundle.

I probably should just only ever buy the Humble Bundle. They've been consistently solid through their whole run.

Well, anyway, I am not sold on any of these.


  1. OMG how can you be so down on these bundles I remember from your other blogs that you LIKED a lot of the games in their older ones!

    And the Indie Gala DOES have Steam keys, they're just mostly for the upper tier of games! Do your research moron! Geez!

  2. Wow I can't believe you are hating on these games without even playing them, narrow-minded much? I will be unsubscribing from your blog, sir.

  3. I too believe you are being unfair. These games might be bad but you should at least give them some slack, they don't have the budget of AAA games and the proceeds are benefiting charity and stuff.