Wednesday, August 15, 2012


GundeadliGne is the next game on my list. So...

...cute French cartoon girls shooting flying robots? Hehe, I guess this is going to be a silly, lighthearted...

...woah, geez, what's going on here! This is--

Gah! This is really hard! It's like--



Welcome to Bullet Hell. This is GundeadliGne.

Yeah, don't let the cutesy graphics fool you. (Aside: The graphics are adorable.) What we have here is a brutal, brutal game. Maybe I'm just a softie and it's actually the easiest Bullet Hell game in the universe, but, like...yikes.

There are two characters to choose from. The girl in the black dress has weaker guns, but she has a selection of special abilities she can activate. The girl in the red dress doesn't have the special abilities, but she gets a big laser gun that deals a lot of damage. Either way, there will be lots and lots of bullets to dodge.

As far as I can tell, this is, more or less, a fairly standard representative of the genre. It has a few quirks, like the special abilities and such, but the core gameplay is your basic Bullet Hell formula: give the player a gun and throw a million enemies and two hundred billion bullets at them. Sound like fun? Then you just might enjoy this game.

Of note is that there is also a co-op feature, including online multiplayer. I wonder if...

Yeah, obviously. Hrmph.

Bullet Hell is a niche genre. I don't think this is a game I can universally recommend. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would hate it. I'm also pretty sure that there are a fair share of people out there who would think it's awesome. Personally, I kinda like it, sort of. It's challenging, but it's also adorable. *shrug*

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