Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tesla: The Weather Man

Hey guess what! It's Tesla Time!

In Tesla: The Weather Man, Nikola Tesla has been humiliated by Thomas Edison...but it's time for revenge! You are Tesla, and you have phlebotinum that allows you to control the weather. Your task: complete a bunch of levels or whatever.

That's right, it's a Puzzle Platformer! Plenty of levitation physics for everyone!

Tesla has access to five powers.
  1. Lightning: Attracts positive ions from the ground and negative ions from the sky to create lightning bolts. Used mainly to kill enemies. Can also set off dynamite or, with upgrades, light things on fire.
  2. Levitation: Self-explanatory. Used to levitate objects within range.
  3. Rain: Causes rain to fall, filling an area with water--useful for when you need to float some crates up to higher ground. Careful: Tesla's wearing a lot of electrical gadgetry, so he takes damage if he falls in water.
  4. Sun: Shines a beam of light from the sky, evaporating water and melting ice. Can be upgraded to damage enemies and light things on fire.
  5. Snow: Drops the temperature, allowing water to freeze.

There are RPG elements as well. Collecting doodads scattered throughout the level allows you to research upgrades. Things like the ability to levitate enemies, charging your lightning more quickly, setting things on fire with your sunbeams, and so on.

There's also narration by Mark Twain (for some reason). Safe to say it's rather tongue-in-cheek.

"Tesla starts thinking long and hard about why a giraffe has such a long neck. This mental train wreck is interrupted by the realization that he is probably suffering from heat stroke."
Actually, I don't think that sounds like something Mark Twain would write, but hey, whatever.

This game is a pretty standard Puzzle Platformer. If you've enjoyed other games in the genre, you'll probably enjoy this one too. It's solid for what it is, but I don't think it exceeds any of my expectations.

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