Saturday, August 18, 2012


This weekend is the World Magic Cup! That's pretty exciting. Teams from all over the world battle through three days and what, five formats? A bunch of different formats. It's also the first WMC ever, so that's exciting too.

Me, I've been watching the live coverage, since I've got nothing better to do. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high. I even recognize some of the pros! And Zac Hill, lead developer of M13, is doing some of the commentary, which is always insightful--that's usually worth watching.

I'm not totally sure who to root for besides the home team. Number one favorite is the U.S. team, of course; it's the home team, and also I recognize the names on it (Brian Kibler and Luis Scott-Vargas are pretty cool). Um, after that, I'll go with Canada. Cuz Canada and the U.S., we're like pals, aye? Like next-door neighbors. They're like America Lite. So they can be my #2 team. And then...uh...I dunno...Brazil? Cuz they've got PV and I read his stuff on ChannelFireball and he's pretty cool...I guess...?

Anyway, here's hoping Team U.S.A. pulls it off. LSV is on the sidelines now, but we've got Kibler, who's pretty good, and I believe the other two guys are rookies, but they're X-1 so far so we could totally do this.

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