Monday, September 10, 2012

About ice cream

I used to have a favorite flavor of ice cream. It was strawberry.

Nowadays I'm not so sure anymore. Strawberry is great, but there are a lot of other great flavors, too. I like lots of different kinds of ice cream. I'm not sure I have a favorite.

Chocolate is definitely overrated. Of the "big" flavors, it's probably the one I'd rank the lowest. I like chocolate, but chocolate ice cream has never won me over. Neapolitan is fine--the vanilla and strawberry balance it out nicely. And fudge is great. It's hard to go wrong with a fudge ripple or a hot-fudge topping. As far as chocolate, it works better in cookies than in ice cream. The problem with chocolate chips is that they mess up the whole texture of the ice cream with their little crunchy bits. Nuts have the same problem, unless they're like a topping, and they're all bunched up together, in which case it acts like more of a crust, y'know?

Now, mint chocolate chip, that's a strong contender. Mint ice cream on its own is fairly bland, but the chocolate chips complement it superbly. Of course, you still have the problem of the chocolate chips messing up the texture, which is why the best mint chocolate chip ice cream has the teeny tiny chocolate chips. More like chocolate crumbs, really.

And there's sort of a whole genre of ice cream with what I think of as the "fruity" flavors. Strawberry, orange, peach, cherry, etc. They taste like fruit. Which is...good, I guess. I mean, I like fruit?

I've lost my train of thought.

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