Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still blacked out of wifi.

The ol Kindle is really pulling its weight. This would be a lot harder if I did not have a second device to use.

I did have a bit of a scare. Last night I tried to visit the My UC Davis website and it made the browser crash. Whole thing froze. I tried a hard reset and it didn't boot up again.

Anyway this morning I went out walking. First I went to the park. It was green, I guess. Mostly I went through the park because the library is on the other side. So I went to the library and I used their computers to figure out how to fix my Kindle. Google pulled through. Turns out I needed to hold the power switch for 30 seconds.

After I was done with that I went over to the shopping center. They have a grocery store and a laundromat and a hardware store and some restaurants. I bought groceries at the grocery store, breakfast at the fast food place, and nothing at the hardware store because I already got that stuff on sunday.

Then I basically playd FTL for the rest of the day. Hey, don't go making that face, that game is ADDICTIVE. You might get lost in it for five hours too.

Looks like while I was off we got a crapload of new RTR spoilers too. Seems like an awesome set. Truth be told--and don't tell anyone from Selesnya I said this--I am pretty pumped about all the guilds. They all look like loads of fun to play with. If fate is kind then I will be able to try them all out via the Magic Online Beta testing.

Plus we got a new Humble Bundle with Torchlight which makes me feel kinda dumb for letting Miles gift it to me, lol. Really should have see this coming. It was bound to show up in a bundle at some point. Ah well. I don't know the other games but Humble Bundle has earned so much goodwill from me that I snap bought it without even needing to watch the trailer first.

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  1. Hey, I was going to pre order TL2 anyways, and i didnt need the extra copy. I'm gunna get HB6 also..... I'm pretty sad i can't play TL2 starting tomorrow....... man....... get it? you should...