Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bad news. My wireless is dead. Computer can't connect to any wireless networks. I have no idea why. It just got borked somehow. This could be a problem.

Now, my ethernet can connect me to the internet no problem. unfortunately my new apartment lacks DSL service so yeah. >_<

For the moment I am conneting with my Kindle and its marvelous unlimited 3G service. So I am not completely screwed I have backup. But this is obviously severely limited--it limits my surfing to more or less strictly text based websites. Even writing my blog is a struggle thanks to the limited thumb keyboard with no apostrophes and commas and whatnot.

In the meantime I have been playing video games since meh I can do that just as well offline. Not sure whether the solution is to get DSL service or to try to get my laptop fixed. Maybe just both I guess.

On another unfortunate note, I brought my second monitor but somehow failed to bring its power cord. Well that is lovely is it not.

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