Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's All About SolForge

I just can't wait for the SolForge beta to start!

And by that I mean I literally did not wait and have already started playing asynchronous games on the forum.

So I can tell you, this game is fun. I've completed two games and I have two more running. I'm enjoying it very much. The mechanics are simple enough. Every turn you play two cards and attack, and every four turns you gain access to leveled-up versions of the cards you've played. Boom. But every turn, those two cards you play also represent meaningful and difficult strategic decisions.

Chrogias is overwhelmingly powerful in his final form, but before I can get there, I have to spend my turns playing teeny tiny sporelings. Is it worth sacrificing early momentum for lategame power?

Do I play the Mimicwisp that's strong against the current board? Would I rather invest in a Chrogian Sporeling that's weak now, in hopes of leveling it up into a giant avatar later? Should I play a structure for a persistent bonus that could be useful in the long-term, but puts me behind in creature count this round? Do I use my pump spell to make my creature trample over yours, or do I use my kill spell to clear the way completely? If I've seen him trying to level up a guys who'll be 9/10 later, is it a waste of effort to try and level up my guy who'll only be an 8/4? If I have a card that's strong at rank 1, should I play it early and try to press the advantage, or should I save it for later since it doesn't need to level up to have an impact on the lategame?

If my opponent's been leveling lots of scary creatures to rank 2, I'll want my kill spells to be leveled up to kill them. But what if their only target now is a dinky 2/2 or 0/6 that I don't need to kill? Do I drop a random creature to eat it and advance my board at the same time, or do I plan ahead to make sure I have the proper answer for a larger threat later?
These aren't hypotheticals, by the way. I just pulled them out of my most recent match. And I'm still not sure what the answers are.

Also, I drew an Absol Forge.

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