Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday now and I still lack a working internet connection. I hope my RuneScape clan is doing okay without me poking the clan citadel. Meanwhile I used my Kindle to check on the new Weekly Dredmor Challenge on reddit. Then I spent all day playing said challenge, ultimately scoring more than 1.1m points before dying to a succession of heavy-damage unresistable spells from the boss man himself.

I am not cut off completely. I can still write my blog albeit text only. I can check my email. The most important stuff is still available if much slower. However, I am more or less unable to edit TV Tropes, so my watchlist will probably get pretty backed up. And I have given up on keeping up with Twitter like this. That is too much to ask.

Tomorrow I plan to go out and run a few errands while I have nothing better to do. I need to grab a few groceries and just generally familiarize myself with the neighborhood.

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