Friday, September 21, 2012

Something I have been considering buying is a flash cart for my Nintendo DS so that I can store multiple games in one thingy. Not that I really need the entire DS library all at once, but it would let me switch easily between a small handful of games.

The other upside would be the ability to play modded versions of the games. Like, there's these "Storm Silver version" type things that are fan-altered Pokemon games with improved mechanics. Or, of course, the Rando-Emerald that I talked about at some point already.

I heard that there's a Gameboy Advance emulator for Andoid too, which makes me want to get an Android device of some kind. Seems like that should be even better, since it would also play all those various Android games I've been accumulating in indie bundles. And SolForge. That seems real sweet.

Maybe I should get a new phone. The one I have now is pretty unremarkable. All it does is phone calls and text messages. All the cool kids these days have phones that can, like, do your laundry and make you breakfast in bed.

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