Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In addition to the giant jar of sauerkraut, we've got this a humongous bag of grated cheese in the fridge that my housemate's dad gave us. I'm used to putting cheese on bagels and sandwiches. But that really wants sliced cheese, not grated cheese. I guess you could use grated cheese if you had to, but it would be messier and more difficult. So what do I do with the grated stuff? It's something of a conundrum.

I tried melting it onto my rice. (Sometimes they have these pre-cooked microwave rice cups over at the university's food bank, and Davis students can get them for free.) Add in some beans and a little splash of hot sauce and it's a reasonably nutritious meal.

Then I started just dumping it into my ramen cups. And frankly, I'm surprised I didn't think of that sooner. Cheesy soup is tasty soup. The cheese melts right into the hot broth and it's nice.

Maybe I could put cheese in oatmeal? I have some plain oatmeal that needs flavor. Hmm, or I could put it on top of my macaroni and cheese to make macaroni and cheese and cheese. Or I guess I could buy some tortilla chips and make nachos.

Hey, I wonder if sauerkraut tastes good with cheese on top.

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