Wednesday, December 5, 2012

These late chorus rehearsals are really wearing me out. We ran until like 9:40 tonight, and I was about ready to drop by the end--I hadn't had anything to eat except a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a slice of pepperoni pizza for lunch, and at some point after standing up for that long, it's all you can do not to pass out.

The irony is that I actually did pack a microwave soup bowl to eat during the break--I just neglected to pack a spoon. Herpy derp derp.

Don't worry, I'm fine. I drank lots of water. I was just hungry is all. I went home afterwards and ate a big bowl of potato salad and some crackers.

The Unitrans F line doesn't run that late, though, which is a little awkward. I had to take the J line instead and walk the last few blocks. So I got off at the stop by the grocery store and bought a chocolate bar because, y'know, energy, right? Right, of course, it was only practical.

I still need to figure out my uniform. I need, like, a tux-type thing. Do I have a tux-type thing? I'm not sure. The concert is on Friday.

Hey, unrelated note, turns out there's a new season of My Little Pony and I didn't notice? Gotta say, I'm not really buying Trixie as the cackling villain--feels a little forced. And that bad guy from the series premiere is really generic and uninteresting. And I'm starting to get the feeling that the characters have been turning into caricatures of themselves.

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