Monday, December 17, 2012

I got a new computer. Check it out, 50 fps at max graphics settings in a giant resizeable window.

I fired up Revenge of the Titans, Trapped Dead, and Atom Zombie Smasher to see how they'd run. They ran great.

I had a couple hiccups with Batman: Arkham City. The game crashed as soon as the initial cutscene ended. I did some Googling and the solution was, apparently, to go to the Nvidia control panel and tell it to have the CPU handle physics instead of the graphics card, or something. Unfortunately, attempting to open said control panel resulted in an error message because I wasn't connected to a monitor. Yeah, my laptop with a built-in screen isn't connected to a monitor, how about that? >_<

I plugged it into the TV and it worked fine, so I changed the setting, went back to the game, and all was well. Except for the bad guys running amok all over Arkham City, but Batman's here to kick their asses now, so give it a little time.

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