Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dungeoneering Weekend

Things are going well.

Oh, what? Is that a chaotic maul? Oh, yes, I suppose it is.

The thing with dungeoneering is that it's super-slow at first, but the xp curve becomes drastically steeper as you level up. I've finally gotten to the point where I have most of the Occult floors unlocked, so I have lots of prestige and high-level floors for large chunks of xp after every dungeon. Thanks to the recent buff to solo dungeoneering, I can get by without a team, too.

The whole reason I'm doing this now, of course, is the Winter Weekend special event that gives double xp and tokens for the duration of the weekend. I have all this downtime in between the voyages for my port--might as well take advantage of it to explore Daemonheim.

The whole exercise has been very productive. Obviously I hit 200k tokens to buy my first chaotic weapon, as seen above; I picked the maul because two-handed weapons are generally more powerful than dual-wielding in the new combat system.

I've also made it up to 86 dungeoneering--this is good because it means dungeoneering is no longer my lowest skill, and I can finally (after two years!) start putting my Tears of Guthix on slayer again. And speaking of slayer, I made it to level 85, so I can kill abyssal demons now! (They're not quite as exciting as they used to be; my real goals are 87, to boost for Fremennik elite tasks, and 90, to unlock the Assassin for my port.)

I got up to 89 defence today as well, which isn't quite high enough for T10 dungeoneering armour, but, y'know, getting closer.

I found a couple top-tier items as well: a primal rapier and a Sagittarian shortbow. Unfortunately, I can't wield either of them, so... bugger. Sadly, no celestial catalytic staff, which is the one I really wanted, but I did get a shadowsilk hood, which I'm told is pretty good.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Okay, I'll stop here.

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