Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's something that bugs me a little bit about the new "Brink of Extinction" quest in RuneScape.

After you complete the quest, you earn the title of TzHaar -- as opposed to YtHaar after the Elder Kiln quest, or JalYt otherwise. But that isn't right, is it? Because in the TzHaar language, "Tz" means "fire", whereas "Yt" means "cold". I always assumed that a YtHaar is already an honorary TzHaar who merely happens to not be made of magma.

So I was wrong the whole time, I guess? >_>

I mean, I finished the quest just fine, so that makes me TzHaar-Troacctid now? Sure, s'pose I'll take it.

I used an instakill dart on the boss. I didn't really need to; I'm pretty sure I could have done the fight legit. But what else am I going to use those darts on? Let's say I use one to drop Har'Aken, which is fair, and then I still have three left. How many difficult boss fights am I getting into between now and the end of the month? I'd just end up derping a few Nex kills or something for value, which is hardly spectacular.

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