Friday, March 23, 2012

Bottled water is water

Okay, so I've been buying gallon jugs of drinking water instead of using tap water because water is actually really cheap as it turns out, and it's convenient to be able to keep a jug in my room instead of going to the kitchen and pouring water into a cup and bringing the cup back after I finish drinking it. It's slightly more expensive in a jug, but really not by a lot, like, just pocket change, so I don't mind paying a little extra for the convenience.

But anyway, I go to the store, right? And I grab some water off of the shelf and I notice, huh, the caps on some of these bottles are different colors. Guess what? There's like three different kinds of water.

The hell is the difference?

They're all bottled in the same plant in Georgia. It says so on the label. And apparently the spring water is from a spring out in the mountains (okay) whereas the other two are from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply. So it's Sacramento tap water, pretty much. Okay, hold on a second. Sacramento water supply. Bottled in Georgia. Sacramento water supply. Bottled in Georgia. Something is not right here. Do they expect me to believe they took water from Sacramento, shipped it to Georgia to be bottled, and then shipped it all the way back? Is there any damn sense in that? Use the water from Georgia. Don't waste money shipping tap water from one end of the country to the other. Is there something wrong with the Georgia water? Is it poisoned with Georgia Disease or something?

Anyway, I bought one of each because they were all the same price and it's not as if it's going to go bad. So I tasted them and they taste exactly the goddamn same. Seriously, it's just water. They're identical. So why do they even have three kinds? It's a load of bull, that's what it is. Why do I even buy this stuff? I should just keep one and refill it.

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