Saturday, March 24, 2012

TzTok-Jad Fail

I got a TzHaar slayer task today, so I thought I'd give the Fight Caves a shot. I've been meaning to get a fire cape for a while, so heck, why not, right? I put on my maging gear and Tokkul-Zo, decanted some potions into flasks, and even brewed a couple of overloads because hey, it's a special occasion.

I went with the spirit shield for the off hand so that I'd have some ranged defense. Don't want to be too soft against the Tok-Xil. I had an Armadyl Battlestaff in my inventory to switch to Storm of Armadyl for the final battle, and Vecna Skull, an Extreme Magic potion, and an Overload to boost my magic (using the weaker buffs on earlier waves and scaling up as I progress). That plus some brews, restores, and prayer pots. The Spectral Spirit Shield should really be Arcane, Divine, or Elysian, but this was the only spirit shield I had so it would have to do. And I haven't gotten around to dungeoneering for the Arcane Stream necklace, so I stuck with the Fury. On the whole, I thought it was a decent setup.

Anyway, it turns out the first 62 waves are cake. Which wasn't surprising, I guess, since there are hella safespots and I have overpowered prayers and I basically rip through guys of a comparable power level on any ordinary slayer task. It was really just a time sink--I hardly used any resources. I took Overload doses just to make it go faster.

So I got to Jad, right, piece of cake. But I died because I couldn't switch my prayers right. It's those new animations--he holds his feet up longer on the ranged attack now, and sometimes he does a fire breath thing too, so I got confused and mixed up the prayers and that was that. I say it's bull.

Well I had all these supplies left because the first 62 waves were so easy, so I figured may as well give it another go. This time I watched a YouTube video of someone fighting the new Jad so that I could practice the prayer switching. Ha! Went through the prologue, got to Jad, and switched my prayers just fine. Messed up a little luring the healers, but I recovered okay. But then I ran out of prayer because I hadn't been watching my prayer points. Whoops. Got hit, died. TzTok-Jad: 2. Troacctid: 0.

I started to go in for another try, but I checked my Polypore Staff and it turned out I was low on charges, so I ducked back out and called it a day. Oh well, no fire cape yet. Next time.

Afterwards, I checked the price of the Arcane Spirit Shield and noticed that it had majorly tanked and was like 30m lower than I remembered it being. Works for me! So I bought one for 40m. Probably should have done that beforehand.

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