Sunday, March 4, 2012

I like bagels. There's nothing quite like a nice toasted bagel with cream cheese. Cream cheese, of course, is the universal bagel spread--it works on all kinds of bagels. Some kinds of bagels don't really work with some kinds of spreads, though. Like, I often put peanut butter or Nutella on raisin bagels. I wouldn't do that with an onion bagel. That just wouldn't be right. And an onion bagel is good for making a traditional deli-style sandwich with meat and cheese and tomatoes, but a raisin bagel would be too sweet for that.

These days I eat more bagels than regular bread. There are a couple reasons. For one thing, a bagel sliced in half is bigger than two slices of bread, so a single serving is more filling. But a loaf of bread also contains more servings--there are six bagels in a bag, but, like, I dunno, ten sandwiches worth of bread in a loaf, or whatever. So instead of having to eat ten servings to finish a bag, it only takes six, and since I finish them faster, they're less likely to get stale. I count that as an upside. Also, it's faster to make a bagel than a sandwich. If you're just adding cream cheese, it takes half the time compared to adding both peanut butter and jelly. So that's upside too.

Anyway, here's a picture of a bagel.


  1. Bagels go stale waaay faster than bread though. At least in my experience, a loaf of bread stays good in the fridge for a really long time. I think bread is the better investment on that count.

    1. Putting bread in the fridge keeps it from getting moldy, but not from getting stale. Bread actually gets stale faster in the fridge.