Saturday, March 3, 2012

My homework for Music Theory is to compose a short piece of music. I'm thinking I'll take an existing piece and arrange it for SATB. I have my eye on the Pokémon main theme, which is a lovely piece of music, but that's tentative. There are a couple of Shining Force battle tunes on my short list as well, and the Soulcaster II theme.

Soulcaster II has a great soundtrack. Definitely an underrated gem.

I only learned that the Soulcaster games existed because I got them in an Indie Royale Bundle. The nice thing about these indie game bundles is that a. they're cheap, so it's great value, and I love value, and b. they introduce you to great games you never would have even heard of otherwise.

I mean, a lot of people see advertising as the enemy, like, "Oh, it's advertising, they just want your money, resist the influence!" But I don't think that's fair. Like, they make their pitch, right, yeah, but it's not like you have to buy it. The Steam ARG events, for example, are something I really liked. What they did for their winter sale was they gave out free gifts for anyone who got certain achievements in various games. It was a blatant ploy to advertise the games (which were always 75% off when they announced the achievement, of course). But it's fun. Getting free gifts is exciting, and the thing was, thanks to those indie bundles, I had a whole bunch of the games in my library already that I hadn't even installed yet. So it gave me an incentive to unwrap all the goodies I had lying around and try them out. And some of them were actually really fun! Like And Yet It Moves, The Binding of Isaac (another geat soundtrack there, BTW), Killing Floor, Spiral Knights, Rise of Immortals, Trine, Revenge of the Titans...well anyway, it's basically win-win-win. Steam gets buzz or whatever, game developers get money, I get quality entertainment at low prices. I hope they do something similar for spring.

Anyway, so I'm looking at Soulcaster or Pokémon or Shining Force music.

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