Sunday, March 25, 2012

Future Wars: the future!

Well, let's try this Future Wars game. Some sort of turn-based tactical thingy, right? Okay.

Let's start with a campaign, I guess.

Ah yes, the old Awkward Freshman Kid Protagonist. Hello, my name is Max and I'll be your Audience Surrogate for today.

This guy explains the rules of the place:

And then it's time for the tutorial, which gets the in-universe justification of the naive freshman learning the ropes at the academy from the teacher, Ms. Enormous Boobs.

So I learned that you put troops on top of buildings to capture them. Okay, that's familiar enough...basically like Armies of Gielinor, which I played a fair share of. And then the next tutorial is how to attack, with a mini-intro to the rock-paper-scissors weakness system. And then the next level teaches you about transport units, which other units can jump inside of to move more efficiently.

This game doesn't seem all that bad except that it lags horribly. I'm getting like 4 fps. This is not cool. Can I turn the graphics down at all?

No, I guess not. Maybe it runs better in fullscreen?


Well, crud. Games that don't run on my computer are not good value. How long have I been durdling with this game? Half an hour? Meh. I'll try the other half later. So far it's looking like I might as well just stick to Armies of Gielinor.

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