Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For the past three RuneScape updates, I've managed to find a silly spin to turn them into fake news articles. With the Loyalty Rewards update, I had Guthixians filing a lawsuit for equal representation. With Bakriminel Bolts, I poked fun at how this is the only way to aim for a specific body part with your ranged attacks. And now with the Morytania diary, I went with a combination of "Our plan to attract tourists is to offer them free pants," and "It turns out they really need the free pants, because they keep soiling the trousers they originally brought."

Three in a row is a pretty good streak. I wonder how long I can keep this up. Giving a fake news spin to RuneScape updates is a good creative challenge. From the comments I've been getting, people seem to be enjoying it, so hey, maybe I'll keep going.

I wonder if it would make a good YouTube video series. Instead of parodying a newspaper, it would parody a news show. Hmm, interesting thought.

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