Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've been doing a couple Shadowmoor drafts in MTGO and I keep losing. Maybe I'm just bad at this format. I had this UB deck that I thought was okay, but I got crushed in the first round. Then there was this mono-red build that was...meh. Got clobbered. I don't know. I never played this block when it was current, so I don't really know what I'm doing.

There was this one game where my opponent was like, "Recumbent Bliss your Boggart Ram-Gang," and I'm like "Enchant it with Power of Fire." Nice Pacifism, right? They had to use a bounce spell to get rid of the aura, and then I replayed the Ram-Gang and went right back to swinging. I lost, but it was good times.

And there was this other game where I had a Silkbind Faerie and my opponent attacked with two 2/2 dudes, leaving his 2/1 back. He had a black untapped. So I'm thinking, "Well, he could have Scar, but if he did, he would have attacked with the 2/1, wouldn't he? So he must not have it." And I block and feel very clever until he plays Scar and kills my guy and I lose the game in short order. Next-leveled?

The Beta client's interface is [REDACTED] with this format because [REDACTED]. I figured out that I can [REDACTED], though, which lets me [REDACTED]. And Shadowmoor sealed is always a nightmare anyway, so I'll just stick to drafting.

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