Thursday, March 8, 2012

When I take the bus to school in the morning, there's sort of an awkward timing issue in regards to when I leave for the bus stop. See, if I leave early, I could spend like a bajillion years waiting at the bus stop for the bus to come. But if I try to sneak in at just the right time, I might get there too late by mistake and miss the bus completely, and have to bike instead. Which I can do, but eh. So there's sort of a balance to strike. Ideally I leave a little buffer and just expect to wait about three minutes or so. The other solution is to go the whole hog and walk down to the bus stop twenty minutes early to catch the next-to-last bus before my class starts. If I miss that bus, it's no big deal because I can just take the next one and still get to class on time.

I mean, I could always bike. That's an option too. I've been biking less and less these days, though, since we had a pretty chilly winter and I got pretty tired of freezing my fingers off in the cold wind for 40 minutes a day. Taking the bus means the weather can go suck it. The weather's improved now, but now I've gotten used to being able to sit back and read a book while someone else does the driving. I guess I could put audiobooks on my iPod,, that doesn't really appeal to me. If I lived closer to campus, it would be a little different; currently, it takes about 20 minutes' bus ride plus about 5 minutes' walk to the bus stop to get there, compared to about 18 minutes by bike. Differential presumably gets more significant as the distance decreases. That plus biking gets harder the more you do it--the first mile is easier than the second mile.

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