Sunday, April 8, 2012

20 Things You Can Do with a Potato

  1. Cook it and eat it
  2. Cook it and don't eat it
  3. Put eyes and a nose on it and make a Mr. Potato Head
  4. Cut it in half and make a stamp thingy
  5. Leave it in the fridge, forget about it until it rots, find it again when it starts to smell, then throw it away
  6. Use it as a baseball and see how long it takes for it to explode
  7. Get three of them and practice juggling
  8. Keep it as a pet, like a pet rock, except a potato instead of a rock and you have to throw it out when it starts to rot
  9. Plant it and grow more potatoes
  10. Plant it, forget to water it, and end up growing no potatoes
  11. Make a potato battery
  12. Use it in your Chell/GLaDOS Portal 2 cosplay outfit
  13. Make a potato gun and use it as ammo
  14. Get a sack of them and use it as ballast for your hot air balloon
  15. Carve a jack-o-lantern face on it for Halloween to save money on pumpkins
  16. Use it as a prop in a period piece about the Irish potato famine
  17. Give it to an enemy as a crappy Christmas gift to save money on fruitcake
  18. Sketch a still life of it
  19. Prop up a wobbly table
  20. Throw it at something you would normally throw a rock at, except you ran out of rocks so you're using a potato instead

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