Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I didn't realize this before, but my school day starts at a different time every day of the week. Monday, my first class is the freshman seminar (which meets once a week) at 11 am. Tuesday I have my PLS005 lab (which meets once a week) at 9 am. Wednesday I have the discussion section for statistics (which meets once a week) at noon. Thursday I don't have any classes until statistics lecture at 4:40 pm.  And then on Fridays my first class is Myths and Legends at 1 pm.

I have a very oddly-staggered schedule. This has never happened to me before.

Anyway, I just finished Dearly Devoted Dexter on the bus ride home. Less disturbing than the first book, but heavier on the nightmare fuel because the bad guy does this thing where he surgically removes all his victims' body parts one at a time without killing them, ultimately leaving them a limbless, tongueless abomination. He does it in front of a mirror, and keeps them conscious so they can watch. And the most disturbing part is that he does it while playing annoying Cuban dance music. The first book was more disturbing, though, because while this one had a creepier villain, Dexter himself was a much creepier protagonist in the first one because he kept having these quasi-sexual fantasies about chopping up bodies. And having a creepy viewpoint character is more disturbing than having a creepy villain.

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