Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg. Is this cheesy or what? Everything is a 1950s Retraux design. The aliens are people in rubber masks and the robots are people in cardboard suits and all the spaceships are hanging from highly-visible strings.

This is a tower defense game that riffs on the formula in a slightly different way--I place my satellites in orbits around my base, and I can rotate the orbits at will.

Much like Plants Vs. Zombies, there's a special satellite that generates money. Also like Plants Vs. Zombies, the enemies can attack my satellites (the green semicircle around them is a health bar). And that blue one in the middle with the Erlenmeyer flask icon is a research satellite--if I fill up the blue research bar by the end of the level, I get upgrade points that unlock the higher-level versions of the satellites.

My first new satellite unlocked. It starts me with the gatling gun tower, and here is the cannon tower. Old tower defense standbys, of course. At the beginning of every level it lets me pick which satellites I want to bring into the fight and which upgrades to apply where--right now, I have few enough that I can just take everything, but obviously that will change later on, so we'll see.

Well, this seems like a fun take on the old tower defense formula. There are two main things I see that set it apart. First is the swiveling orbit mechanic. I'm not sure how that's going to play out; so far the gameplay feels mostly the same as any other tower defense I've tried, except that the player is more active, repositioning satellites as needed. Second is the retraux 50s aesthetic, which I will admit is charming.

I haven't hit a full hour yet, but I am willing to tentatively say that this does still feel a lot like a tower defense. And really, if you've played one tower defense you've pretty much played them all. Are those two differences enough to make it stand out from the crowd? Well...probably not, but I can give it a chance. I'll reserve judgement a little longer.

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