Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's time to once again revisit a vitally important topic that's always relevant in our day and age: who would win in a fight?

Today's matchup: Superman vs. the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I think Superman wins. He's just too invincible, and the ponies don't have any kryptonite. Normally Superman's weakness is that while he himself is invincible, he has to protect others. If we assume the fight is happening in Equestria, Superman has nobody to protect, so he can take the gloves off. But even if we bring the ponies to Earth, they're not going to be the sort of characters who are willing to take hostages, so Superman is just going to be overpowered.

Granted, the ponies have magic. They can control the weather and do telekinetic stuff. But what's that going to accomplish? The biggest magical heavyweight on the ponies' side that we've seen in action is Discord. Superman already has a recurring villain with the same MO, though, and he's managed to repeatedly defeat Mxyzptlk pretty handily. Princess Celestia has some powerful magic too, but since she never uses it onscreen it doesn't count. And there's the Elements of Harmony, but since Superman is on the side of good he probably won't be affected by it.

So, Superman wins. Easy enough. A more interesting question is, what would it take to turn the tide in favor of the ponies? I think if Team MLP is going to have a shot, they need to catch Superman by surprise and try to capture him. If the ponies caught him unawares, they might be able to trap him in some sort of magical binding and seal him away, like they did with Discord. Alternatively, Superman gains his power from the sun, so as a last resort, they could let Nightmare Moon block out the sun and gradually run Superman out of energy through attrition.

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