Monday, April 16, 2012

Avacyn Restored set review: Limerick edition

Here's part three of my AVR set review!
It's written in verse, just for you!
Click here for part one
And after you're done
You can click over here for part two

Let's start with the Herald of War
It's obvious what it is for
Cast Angels all day
(Humans? Cheap anyway)
Til the enemy's knocked to the floor.

Goldnight Redeemer can heal
With flicker effects, she's ideal
Though lifegain is bad,
There's fun to be had--
She's got Casual/Limited appeal.

An enchantment that makes all spells cheaper
I've heard people claim it's a sleeper
Five mana's a lot
So I think that it's not
But feel free to try and go deeper.

Latch Seeker's a Limited card
Not something you should disregard
It's a clock on its own
With pump spells, it pwns
You drafters should be on your guard.

This new Wheel of Fortune is nice
It can come at a discounted price
Guess some decks will love it
Not sure what to think of it
Draw seven? It's worth looking twice.

The blue-red utility land
Lets you filter the cards in your hand.
I don't need to tell you
It's excellent value,
So if you've got the colors, it's grand.

They've also revealed the red-white one
For Mayael, it's a card that I might run
But vigilance and haste
Aren't quite to my taste
And my deck's manabase is a tight one.

Rhyme is restrictive.
Next time, it's back to haiku.
Part four coming soon.

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